Alice Steffen                                                                           Curriculum Vitae                                            

My work embodies my exploration and experiences with language, pop culture, stereotypes, class and identity. These themes are taken from everyday experiences, segregation of class-based social systems and extreme environmental comparisons of class. Explorations of these topics are transposed into my work, which becomes a dialogue with the viewer. My work is autobiographical, reflecting the multiple facets of my personal experiences such as discrimination, class, culture, language and stereotyping. It is through my observations of how people interact with these topics that inform the core values of my work. 

The topics I choose are reflected in my material choices. My intent is to produce sculpture that both defines and denies its objective beauty.  I take both a traditional approach to materials by casting and fabricating metal as well as composing with contemporary found objects, manipulating colour and objects e.g.; shoes, lipstick, car doors, fake nails and plums. I erase the original labelling of these objects through a refining process of reconstruction. My work conveys materialistic messages, which can be awkward or uncomfortable, changing the dynamics of the objects in the presentation.


2005- 2007              Long Road V1 Form College, Cambridge                                       National Diploma 18 Units

                                                                                                                                      Art and Design, Dist, Dist, Dist

2007- 2009             The Glasgow School of Art


2009- 2010             The School of the Art Institute of Chicago                                Erasmus Exchange Programme


2007- 2011             The Glasgow School of Art                                                     First Class BA Honours, Fine Art,                                                   .                                                                                                                               Sculpture and Environmental Art


2011- 2012              City and Guilds of London Art School                                  Post Graduate Diploma, Sculpture



Work Experience

2014       Tutor/Assistant for ‘Bristol Bronze Club’ – Teaching a weekend course about the Lost wax process.

2014       Artist Assistant to Artist Eric Gushee

2014        Artist / Foundry Work Commission– For The Glessner House Museum Chicago,

                Unpaid but a honour to be part of such a National Historical Landmark.

2013       Assistant - David Snoo Wilson, Travelling Bell foundry.                          Wilderness Festival   

2013       Assistant- Metal work technicians, City and Guilds of London Art School  (one term unpaid)

2012       Creative assistant to RMA Architects – Photographer for projects as needed.


2012       Invigilating at The George Gallery, Hackney

2012      Part of the Installation Team at The Saatchi Gallery

2012      Revlon Commission: For 2 Sculptures an exhibition in Covent Garden London

                 -Enamoured: 80 Years of Revlon  

2012       Casting and Fabrication -Member of the mould making team for the Queens Diamond Jubilee barge

                Lead by Alan Lamb, Head of Historic Carving.                                                                         London

2010       Internship – Assistant to artist Gabriel Bizen Akagawa.                         Butler Street Foundry, Chicago

 2010       Assistant to John Lamonica, owner, Butler Street              .                   Butler Street Foundry, Chicago                                                                                                                                                                                                                                      



2015       Red Vatican                                                                                                            Red Vatican, London                                

               Solo Exhibition

2015       'Another After'                                                                                        Great Western Studios, London                                                

                Group Exhibition

2014       Sweet Art- Seams                                                                                                           Hoxton, London

                Group Exhibition

2014        Sweet Art – Visions of Dr.H                                                                                         Juno Bar, London           

                 Group Exhibition

2014         Mind the Gap-An exhibition of Strong Female British Art                          The Guildhall, Portsmouth

                Joint Exhibition, Lilly Hawkes and Alice Steffen

2013        ‘Sweet Art-Frieze’                                                                                               Espacio Gallery, London

                   Group Exhibition                                                                 

2013         Tomorrow                                                                                                      Red Church Street, London

                 Group Exhibition

2012        Enamoured: 80 Years of Revlon                                                                       Covent Garden, London

                 Group Exhibition -Jenny Longworth, Alex Noble,                                   

                 Fashion illustrator Spiros Halaris, and filmmaker Nicola Saint.

2012        The Battersea Affordable Art Fair

                Parts of the recent graduates, Group show                                                                   Battersea, London


2012        The City and Guilds of London Art School and                                                     Kennington, London

                 Degree and Postgraduate Diploma

                Group Exhibition

2012       17-20 Parr Street                                                                                                           Old street, London

               Group Exhibition

2012       Blind Plotting, The Arches                                                                                           Glasgow Scotland

               Group Exhibition

2011       The Glasgow School of Art, Fine Art Degree Show 2011                                         Glasgow, Scotland

               Group Exhibition June 2011

2011       ‘I kissed an Essex Girl and I liked it’                                                                          Glasgow, Scotland      

               Collaborative exhibition with artist Stephen Grainger

               The Vic Exhibition Space, Glasgow School of Art

2011       Eyebrow says relax. Where’s my Bovril?                                                                  Glasgow, Scotland

               Group Exhibition, Barnes Building Glasgow School of Art  

2011       Big Show 2, 4th Year Exhibition                                                                                  Glasgow, Scotland

               Group Exhibition, Glasgow School of Art

2010        House for an Art Lover Exhibition                                                                             Glasgow, Scotland            

                Group Exhibition, House for an Art Lover Exhibition Space,

                Bellahouston Park   

2010        Eyebrow says Relax: Group Exhibition                                                                       Glasgow, Scotland

                Barnes Building, Glasgow School of Art                         

2010       Cast Shadows: Group Exhibition                                                             Greenville, North Carolina, US                     

                East Carolina University

                ‘Iron Rose’, bronze, solo work

2010        Re-Building Exchange light fixture design competition                                       Chicago, Illinois, US    

               Group Exhibition, Re-Building Exchange

               ‘Water Table’ collaborative piece with Gabriel Akagawa

 2009       Fake: Collaborative Exhibition with artist Anthony Creeden                                       Chicago, Illinois, US

                Warehouse, Milwaukee Ave, Chicago

2009        Installation Exhibition, 2nd Year Fine Art: Group Exhibition             Glasgow, Scotland

                Barnes Building, Glasgow School of Art


2008       1st Year BA Fine Art Exhibition: Group Exhibition                           Glasgow, Scotland

               Glasgow School of Art


2013      ‘British Woman Artists Competition’                           

               Runner Up for Installation Chelsea Women

2011      Zahra Modern Art Foundry Scholarship,                                            London and Braintree

              Scholarship to City and Guilds of London Art School

              In conjunction with the Zahra Modern Art Foundry,

2009       DWT Cargill Bursary Fund                                                                  Glasgow Scotland

Travel Bursary with regard to Erasmus Exchange