My work embodies my exploration and experiences with language, pop culture, stereotypes, class and identity. These themes are taken from everyday experiences, segregation of class-based social systems and extreme environmental comparisons of class. Exploration of these topics are transposed into my work, which becomes a dialogue with the viewer. My work is autobiographical, reflecting the multiple facets of my personal experiences such as discrimination, class, culture, language and stereotyping. It is through my observations of how people interact with these topics that inform the core values of my work.  

The topics I choose are reflected in my material choices. My intent is to produce sculpture that both defines and denies its objective beauty.  I take both a traditional approach to materials by casting and fabricating metal as well as composing with contemporary found objects, manipulating colour and objects e.g.; shoes, lipstick, car doors, fake nails and plums. I erase the original labelling of these objects through a refining process of reconstruction. My work conveys materialistic messages which can be awkward or uncomfortable, changing the dynamics of the objects in the presentation.